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Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop

anxiety breakthrough workshopThank you for taking the time to click through to find out more about my Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop.

My Name is Mark Lidster and I have created this workshop to help you understand and learn how to clear negative Anxiety from your life. If negative Anxiety is badly affecting the way you live then this workshop will definitely help you.

Having suffered badly from negative anxiety myself for many years due to abuse, addiction, trauma and poor life choices, I fully understand and empathise with what you are going through.

However I am now living proof that you can really overcome its debilitating  hold if you follow the right steps. Those are Understanding, Clearance and Coping. These are the cornerstones that I have designed my workshop around, to help you no matter how bad you are feeling.

The Workshop content is based on the all of work I have done over many years, successfully helping countless clients in my hypnotherapy clinic.  It is practical, effective and easy to understand and will have you quickly and positively changing the way you feel.

These are some comments from the lastest workshop attendees

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop. I  have been digesting everything I learnt since and I feel different strengthened and optimistic about moving forward in my recovery. I also wanted to say thank you for your warm and caring welcome to your group and all the positive feedback you relayed back to me it really helped my sense of self.  I’m so glad I made the effort to attend your workshop it was amazing  how I felt. Any how’s thank you again and wish you all the best with your work!   Jackie April 2018


“The benefits of the course are not felt immediately and may take 2 or 3 days to be felt. I myself, have found that my levels of anxiety have been greatly reduced without me having to give too much thought as to the how and why. It is almost automatic.

One new coping mechanism I have implemented is when an anxious thought rears its ugly head, I sing the following lyric from the famous song; ” I know, it’s only Rock and Roll”. The reason being is I associate the words Rock and Roll with Chem-i-cal, both being 3 syllables.  Mark advised us that chemicals released by the brain lead to anxiety. Me singing the aforementioned lyric, stops the chemical in its track.

Overall, I have become much calmer and kinder to myself with less depreciative thoughts. I have nothing but positive feedback for the course and Mark himself.” John Hayes April 2018


I was looking at new techniques in helping me manage a stressful marriage.  I saw the advert for the workshop to which I responded.  Mark is very knowledge in presenting this workshop in a comfortable atmosphere.  The size of the group was also ideal. I came away with a far better understanding of what causes my anxiety and how I can change my space when feeling anxious. I have and would recommend Mark and would also be going back to see him in future for my own benefit. I am very appreciative of his help. June- Noel Parker April 2018


I would definitely recommend the course to anyone suffering from anxiety. The content covered was very varied and interesting. I especially found the simple explanations about how anxiety affects me and the ways in which to deal with it particularly helpful.Kelly Haynes – April 2018


Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop



What you can expect

Within the workshop I strip back all of the complexity surrounding the subject of anxiety and help you to see how simple it can be to understand and clear anxiety’s negative effects

With the right understanding and therapy, just like the many others I have helped, you can look forward to a life free of needless worry, fear and physical stress.

Here’s what you can look forward when attending the Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop

  • Learn how to switch off the negative voice in your head
  • Experience how to let go of past traumas and future worries.
  • Discover how to be free of the judgement and attitudes of others
  • Learn how to feel less troubled and more accepting of those in your life who cause you pain.
  • Discover how forgiveness can help you move forward in life.
  • Create a new mindset to fully embrace life no matter what it throws at you
  • Learn how to dramatically reduce the impact of anxiety on your physical and mental health by being taught how to use a wide variety of coping tools.
  • Learn how to face new challenges with optimism and excitement
  • Learn how to live a much more content, calm, and happy existence, able to fully enjoy the most important things in your life.

At this stage I would like to point out that this course is very practical in nature. You will find the group experience very supportive, nurturing and non judgemental. And although you are never put under any pressure to participate in the discussions and practical sessions, your involvement is highly recommended so that you get the best out of your breakthrough experience .

Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop Overview

Within the Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop I will use the following tools to create the breakthrough result you are after:

  • Hypnosis
  • Group Learning
  • Meditation
  • Mindset Training
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Supportive Group Interaction
  • Mindfulness

At every stage of the Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop you will be encouraged to participate in the discussion and take part in the practical exercises offered. However you will never be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do. So if there is a component you are unsure about you are free to skip it and just observe.

There is also the added benefit after the workshop of joining a private Anxiety Breakthrough forum with other workshop members so that help and support are always available after the workshop if you need it.

Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop Format

The actual format of my Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop has been specifically designed to provide you with the following essential components to combat your anxiety.

  1. An understanding of what Anxiety is, why you need it, and why it can get out of control.
  2. An understanding of how Anxiety affects your body.
  3. An understanding of how Anxiety affects your mind.
  4. Methods to use to clear the negative past and future thoughts from your head, to stop them occurring over and over again.
  5. Many new ways of reframing your anxiety to eliminate it’s negative impact including a broad toolkit of healthy ways to manage your anxiety when it arises in your everyday life.

Workshop group

Number 1, you will be given an easy to understand explanation of what exactly anxiety is and it’s positive and negative role in your life. As with all parts of the workshop this section will be very interactive. No boring lectures.

Number 2, you will receive a simple to understand run through of how anxiety affects your body. To effectively cope with anxiety it is essential that you know how it physically affects you. This section of the workshop is presented using everyday language with easy to understand concepts. So rest assured no one will be left behind.

Number 3, you will be taken through how anxiety affects your mind. You are what you think. Each workshop will explore and discuss how your mind shapes your anxiety level and how this can be both negative and positive and what you can to do to improve this.

Remember when you understand something it will no longer be as frightening or upsetting

Number 4, we will explore and then you can experience how you can clear past issues that may be at the root of your issues. Various clinically proven methods will be introduced here to facilitate this process.

Number 5, you will be invited to take part in discussions and practical exercises on how various scenarios and interactions, such as

  • Past traumas
  • RelationshipsWork issues
  • Money problems
  • Low self esteem
  • Low self confidence
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of crowds and strangers
  • Poor relationships

can cause anxiety  to soar and how you can forge the right mind-set to effectively cope when they do. Here many new coping strategies will be introduced including practical demonstrations of meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis & self hypnosis.

Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop Size

The number of participants taking part in any workshop will be small, no more than 8-10 participants.

This will allow you:

  • To gain greater personal attention.
  • Eliminates any pressure you may feel in a larger group setting.
  • Greatly reduces any stress or anxiety you may feel by creating a more friendly and supportive environment.
  • Provides you with a safe a non threatening environment to share your views and experiences and answers.
  • Encourages you to practice your social and relationship skills.
  • Creates a safe environment to try out new coping skills.


Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop Duration

The Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop is a one day workshop.

The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm.

There will be breaks throughout the day including a period for lunch

Lunch is not provided, so you can either bring a packed lunch or use the numerous shops and eateries within easy walking distance of the venue .


Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop Location

The Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop will be run out at the following locationanxiety workshop

Newcombe House,
43-45 Notting Hill Gate,
London W11 3LQ

Tel: 07872 625516



Directions and Transport Options

The easiest way to travel to the workshop is by tube. Notting Hill Gate tube station is less than 50 metres from the building where the workshop will be run from.

Come out of Exit 1 Notting Hill Gate tube station and carry on down the street for 50 metres. On your right will be a large office building (see picture above) with steps in front of it. Climb the steps and proceed to the reception area. Say that you are visiting the Co-Work Hub on the 4th floor. You will then be directed to the lift lobby after you have signed in.

When you exit the lift on the 4th floor turn right and walk towards a set  of white doors. These are locked so press the bell buzzer and somebody will open the doors and then direct you to the workshop.


Anxiety Breakthrough Workshop Cost

The normal non discounted price of the workshop is £250 per delegate. If you have a discount code please apply it when you get to the checkout basket


Breakthrough Workshop Dates

To be confirmed. For more details contact Mark on 07872 625516 or or click HERE to use our contact Form

Free Yourself From Negative Anxiety