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Anxiety Breakthrough Coach

Mark Lidster - Anxiety Coach

Hi, my name is Mark Lidster and I run the workshops and 1 to 1 breakthrough sessions  at Anxiety Coaching.

For many of my early years I suffered from various forms of Anxiety which badly affected my life.

During that time I tried to cope as best I could, but try as I might the negative voice in my head just wouldn’t shut up and left me feeling depressed and low.

This mental state continued for quite some time getting progressively worse until a point arrived where I could stand it no longer.  So I went to my doctor and he diagnosed  that I had severe anxiety and suggested that I take a course of anti depressants. I hated taking pills, but at that point I was so desperate, so I took his advice. However try as I might I just couldn’t get on with the medication. So I flushed them down the toilet and decided that now that I knew what was wrong, I would try to cure myself.

Over the intervening years through extensive therapy and education, I came to understand exactly what anxiety was and how I could overcome it’s effects and lead a much less troubled and more satisfying  life.

Since that point I have made it my mission to help others quickly reach that understanding and completely turn their lives around.

Originally I did that by incorporating my anxiety knowledge in my work as a clinical hypnotherapist at HA2 Hypnotherapy. But soon I realised that the majority of my clients benefited most by simply being coached in what negative anxiety was and how to effectively deal with it. So Anxiety Coaching was born.

The process of liberating yourself from the negative effects of anxiety is actually a lot simpler than you might think. With the right coaching you too can be quickly free of negative anxiety’s debilitating effects.


Additional Information

As well as being an Anxiety coach I am also a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist at

and a strength and conditioning coach at

Both of these business perfectly compliment my anxiety coaching by allowing me to employ a holistic mind and body approach which is vital in combating the negative effects of Anxiety.

Free Yourself From Negative Anxiety